High-Tech Irrigation

Innovative Greenhouse Projects LLP specializes in providing high-quality products and services. It is the perfect destination to avail quality installation services of the High-Tech Irrigation System.

High-Tech Irrigation services include:

● Measurement of the field using conventional equipment to obtain quality results.
● Study of the supply and water quality
● Climate conditions required at the place
● Ascertaining the soil before installation
● Gaining necessary information to determine the pumping dropper requirement, filter head, fertilizer delivery system.
The IGC Projects team will carry the installation process considering the environmental, safety, and health protocol.

Services offered under - High-Tech Irrigation

Micro Irrigation & Components

  1. Drip Tapes and Drip Lines –  The drip irrigation systems, which can be customized to specific customer needs. This method allows optimum application of water and fertilizers in farming systems in arid areas. The water applied directly infiltrates into the soil irrigating the root zone influence through a piping system and emitters.

  2. Online Drippers – With multiple dripper combinations, one gets the most comprehensive range of drippers available including variable flow rates, outlet options and Pressure Compensating and Non-Drip (PC/PCND) combinations. These in-field online drippers covers to the most advanced soilless system needs and are best suited for intensive agriculture, greenhouse and in-field applications.

  3. Sprinklers and Jets – We do Sprinkler Irrigation installations to make the best homogeneous distribution of the water, taking into account weather factors (wind, type and height of the crop, crop requirements, the terrain, etc.).

  4. Layflat & Pipes – Versatile and convenient way to transfer water from your system to fields is layflat, hoses, tubing and pipe engineered with the latest technology. It leads to a longer product life, no leakage with easy and fast installation.

  5. Filters – Filters are used to protect contaminants from entering our irrigation system. Different types of filters are used as per requirement such as disc, hydrocyclone/sand separator, media, and screen filters.

  6. Valves – Valves are used for accurate pressure and flow regulation, remote activation and system protection using plastic and metal control valves with a wide range of air valves.

  7. Connectors and Accessories – Connectors are used to ensure a leak free linkage for various irrigation systems and are durable to be used in fertigation as well including availability of all types of accessories.

Landscape Irrigation

Landscape irrigation is basically an artificial application of water to a landscape, to keep your gardens thriving. We provide all the services and products for an effective landscape irrigation for your farms and lawns and we cater to Golf Ranges as well.

a. Rotors
b. MP Rotator
c. Nozzles
d. Spray Bodies
e. Golf Rotors