Give a Secure House to Plants

Types of Tunnels

Walk In Tunnel


Walk In Tunnel greenhouses don’t have straight walls, the structure is completely curved from the point of attachment on the ground to the ridge. The shape of the arcs may be curved or arched. It is composed of one or more modules with a series of arches made of galvanized cylindrical tubes, which do not require concrete footings, enabling transfer and easy installation. Its shaped allows accommodating a larger volume of air inside and provides resistance to rain.


  • Cheap and simple greenhouse
  • Better climate control.
  • Allows the installation of air conditioning systems.
  • Increased sealing capacity.
  • Good deal of light inside the greenhouse.
  • Reduces condensations and dripping water problems on crops thanks to the curved roof, which allows the evacuation of the water from condensation on the plastic cover.
  • Zenith and side windows installation.
  • Facilitates agricultural machinery operations.
  • Fast to assemble and needs no welding.
  • The tunnel greenhouses are specially designed for small areas and small crops as vegetables or staking creeping ones at low altitude. These greenhouses prove to be economic, since its structure is simple and robust and enables transfer.

Low Tunnels


Low Tunnels are basically miniature and portable versions of High Tunnels required at windy areas. Frame with moon share surface, this is used for short and row crops. In this product, Polyethylene is used which is a great resistant to puncture, prevent the entry of rodents and micro-organisms.

The best part of Low Tunnels is that they are usually two to four feet tall and six feet wide which makes it perfect for windy areas. We, at IGPL, use PVC pipes for the structure and Plastic poly firm sheet for the coverage. You can extend the tunnel to up to 50 feet for natural plantation.

Low Tunnels are an extremely cost-effective option especially for those who are willing to expand their production. Similar to High Tunnels, this low-cost option acts as a great substitute for crop protection and season extension.

Why choose Low Tunnels

● Extremely Light Structure
● Allows Optimum temperature for plant growth
● Improve Photosynthetic activity
● Suitable for Winter crops
● Easy to assemble and dissemble
● Can be relocated without hassle