Vertical Green Walls

Vertical Green walls are vertical structures that have different types of plants or other greenery attached to them. The greenery is often planted in a growth medium consisting of soil, stone, or water. Because the walls have living plants in them, they usually feature built-in irrigation systems.

Green walls differ from facades, which are often seen climbing up the outside walls of buildings, using them as structural support. In green walls, the growth medium is on the surface or structure of the wall, whereas facades are rooted in the ground. Moreover, the greenery of facades can take a long time to grow enough to cover an entire wall, while green walls may be pre-grown.

Smart and active green walls often look similar to conventional green walls, but serve more purposes due to the use of artificial intelligence and technology. The features of a smart living wall can be automated and monitored, enhancing the effects.

In addition to the visual and biophilic benefits of all green walls, smart and active green walls can feature natural air purification and humidification thanks to the combination of enhanced air circulation, specialized growth medium, and technology.

What are the functions and benefits?

There are many advantages to having green walls livening up a space. First of all, the visual benefits of the living wall cannot be ignored. The eye-catching pieces can make a big impact decorating an urban environment made out of concrete and bricks, thus offering alternatives for urban agriculture, gardening, and indoor decor.

Living walls can make us happier and more productive, as they appeal to our innate need to be around nature. Bringing in natural elements to places where they can’t generally be seen lifts our mood, making us more alert and upbeat. This concept is also known as biophilia.

Studies have also shown that nature can decrease negative behaviors, such as aggression and anxiety. Moreover, a connection with nature has been found to reduce stress and mend mental fatigue. This is due to the automatic reaction of our bodies to seeing and being around natural elements.

As issues with pollution and air quality have become better understood, plants’ effects on air quality have likewise gathered more interest. The air purification effect of plants is achieved through microbes of plant roots, which can use chemicals as nutrients.  Besides direct health impacts, improved air quality has been proven to advance people’s alertness and cognitive abilities.

However, regular passive green walls (or plants alone) do not purify and naturalize air effectively enough for a noticeable difference. Smart and active green walls with active air circulation achieve this, as the wall, plants, and supporting technology are all designed for the purpose.

Types of Vertical Green Walls offered by us: