Turnkey Projects

Innovative Greenhouse Projects LLP, a provider of Turnkey solutions for the High – tech Greenhouse Projects & Services to the Farmer and Commercial grower. IGPL has expertise, ability and all needed knowledge for establishing greenhouses not only in Punjab, but also in the India & Sub continent.

Our expertise can produce and establish every kind of agricultural protective area beginning from simple Net Houses till strong and complicated High Tech Greenhouse. As our main purpose is not making greenhouses, but making WORKING AND PROFITABLE GREENHOUSES and also have vast experience to make the Horticulture Project Success, We do the following when offering our Turnkey projects solutions:

In IGPL, engineering, technology and experience merge, leading to a new concept of modern agriculture compatible with the environment. We have the latest technology for the greenhouses design and a large technical team able to meet each project individually and optimally.


More than 10 years of experience

Over 10 years working alongside the farmer have served to provide solutions to the needs posed by our customers and thus achieve the leading position in the agriculture sector.

IGPL has the ability to perform TURNKEY Projects to match the needs of the client, land and culture, obtaining the best technical and economical solution. Furthermore, IGPL offer a complete service in this type of facility, because we deal in Hi-Tech Irrigation also and have the ability to design and build the necessary ancillary structures such as water tanks, heating and ventilation systems, screens and warehouses.

We also have large plans for managing much larger pools of private capital for agribusiness sectors in the Indian sub-continent. (Highlight this – Or H2 heading)

We provide specialist technical advice on:

  • Technological systems (automatic watering equipment, heating, humidification, climate control, desalination, etc.).
  • Fertigation management.
  • Hydroponics management.
  • Greenhouse Climate Control.

Thanks to our highly specialised staff, as well as our best R&D projects we have been able to develop structures adapted to different climates, technologically compatible with biological control, and functional for the incorporation of the latest technologies in intensive agriculture. All under the strict supervision of our professionals ensures the correct installation, building of our Greenhouses and the best service and technical advice from our company.