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Who We are

IGPL is an ISO certified company and have been offering remarkable services in Turnkey Projects, Open field Agri Projects and High-Tech Irrigation making the agro-sector strong and lives easier. We are experienced and apply our expertise to design, engineer and manufacture the best of greenhouses as per demographics, climate and crop. We understand the core issues and provides the permanent solution and works on the model of “Problem Solving”

Our Products


Naturally Ventilated and Fan & Pad Greenhouse set up for protection and efficient growth of plants.


Portable and Flexible, High and Low Tunnels for small and medium height plants.


Designed to protect plants and crops from excessive sunlight, humidity, air, and moisture, Nethouses are woven so intricately for long-lasting results.

"Let's Make our Surroundings Green"


Bring your building’s unused rooftop into use with Rooftop Farming. An organic form of farming at your ease.


Unique and Effective methods of Irrigation and Fertigation fulfilling water requirement for adequate farming.


Beautify your walls with greenery hanging all over them in the form of Vertical Green Plants.

Our Services

Turnkey Projects

IGPL has expertise, ability and all needed knowledge for establishing greenhouses all over Indian subcontinent.

Open Field Agri Projects

Innovative Greenhouse Projects LLP is proficient in offering services related to Open Field Agri Projects and maintenance.

High-Tech Irrigation

The highly specialized Department of IGPL, studies the best solution for your installation of High-Tech Irrigation system.

Why Choose Us

We understand farmers' need

and relationship between plants and structures

In- house research team

to provide you with the latest solutions respective to the crop and climate

Professional and dedicated team

with hands-on experience in the field of protected farming

Precise manufacturing technology

with latest machinery to ensure uniform quality production

Customised Design Solutions

to meet your requirements with full support and no hassles.

Agronomy support from professionally trained agronomists

from professionally trained agronomists

Work in Action

Some glimpses of work we have done at various sites. 

We also have large plans for managing much larger pools of private capital for agribusiness sectors in the Indian sub-continent.

Crop Types
Production Hectares
Automation Greenhouses

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